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You and Me By the Sea

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

It really only takes seeing a story about swimming pigs once to know that it's something you have to see for yourself. I knew I needed to get to Exuma. The island of Great Exuma is fairly small so deciding on a place to stay wasn't difficult. We decided to stay at Sandals Emerald Bay This was the perfect, adult only, all-inclusive resort for our relaxing trip!

Although the main factor in choosing Sandals Emerald Bay was the swimming pigs, a second big factor was free golf! We went on this trip with my parents and my husband and father were excited to take advantage of the beautiful golf course that Sandals Emerald Bay offers. The golf course was designed by Greg Norman and is the longest golf course in the Caribbean.

You can read more about golf at Sandals Emerald Bay here.

While you could easily stay at the resort the whole time and eat, drink, golf, and relax in one of the three pools or the crystal clear ocean - you wouldn't get to see what this island really is about. The following are my recommendations of what you shouldn't miss out on if you decide to spend time off the resort:

#1. The Swimming Pigs

We booked our tour through Exuma Water Sports and I highly recommend them. Their boat was spacious and modern. Their staff was helpful and pleasant and genuinely wanted to make sure you had a good time. I'll be honest, I was a little bit afraid of the pigs. They aren't aggressive but if they think you have food, they can get a bit excited. The tour company provides you with some (chicken) hot dogs to feed them and they know the sound of the boat so as soon as you get close, they start swimming out to meet the boat. Some even tried to climb on the boat!

#2. Visit Santana's Bar and Grill

Santana's claim to fame is their seafood but most people know Santana's as the place where the cast and crew of Pirates of the Caribbean hung out. They are open for lunch and dinner but make sure you have cash! No credit cards are accepted at Santana's.

#3. Tropic of Cancer Beach

The Tropic of Cancer Beach is a public beach named after the meridian line that crosses right through it. It's a pristine, white-sand beach that many people don't even know about. It was empty when we were there!

#4. Hang out with Iguanas

There are three cays in Exuma where the Northern Bahamian Rock iguanas can be found. Allen's Cay, Southern Allen's Cay, and Leaf Cay. Our tour with Exuma Water Sports included stopping to see and feed the iguanas. We even had some stingrays swim up to us at one of the beaches! The iguanas were just like the pigs - they knew the sound of the boat and as soon as they heard it, they came running! I was pretty skeptical of them - we were told they like to bite toes because they think they look like food... I tried to stay away from their heads!

No matter what you decide to do in Exuma - explore the island or relax at your hotel the entire time - there's something for everyone!

What is your idea of the perfect day in the Bahamas?


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